Holistic recovery and personal growth post-breakups

Unique programs designed to help you navigate and thrive beyond relationship loss

by Ovi Sandu

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Reduce unnecessary struggling 

Understand the dynamics of a breakup and take steps to avoid feeling stuck

Clarify your next steps

Feeling like you've lost a part of yourself? Although it may have been an important one, there is so much more in you just awaiting to be uncovered


Circumstances are as unique as we are. Yet powerful learnings can occur with people sharing similar paths

All That You Need to Design Your New Path

Towards your best self yet

Break-ups are hard. They come with pain and a certain sense of identity loss. ''Who am I now, on my own?'' ‚Äč

They can also be tremendous opportunities for upgrading ourselves. Taking a radically honest look at who we are and who we want to be(come). Updating our vision in the present time instead of relying blindly on old thought patterns and outdated images of the future.
And actively redesigning your life towards its best version yet. 

Join people on a similar journey to yours in a unique program meant to help you navigate and overcome unnecessary suffering and wasting precious time and energy.


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Joana Dow - United Kingdom

Why I've created this program?

"We teach best what we need to learn most"

I've created this for myself just as much as for anyone else.

I've realised over time that I invest a lot of emotional energy in my key relationships. And I mean a lot. Naturally when such relationships have ended in the past, I've experienced significant turmoil. Deep unrest, heartbreak and uncertainty each time.

So I chose to make it my personal mission to find the best possible ways to navigate such times and come out stronger, happier and more connected with myself.

From there it has been just a natural next step towards opening up and sharing my learnings over the years and experiences with others. Learn more about my story

Why continue to painfully repeat old patterns?

I am ready to help you navigate through challenging times, learn more about yourself in the process and become the best version you can be in relationships. Are you ready to be there for yourself?

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